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"Figure Skating Animals 2"

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UPDATE 2.0 is released!

2018-2019 season new rule

A figure skating new rule since 2018-19 season is implemented. Also the old rule is selectable. Maybe this is the first game in the rule. (Our research)
Let's play "Real-Ruled" figure skating, such as "5 grade GOE" and "change of base value".

New 8 Animal Skaters

New 8 animals are joining now! A total of 22 skaters jump around the skating rink. There are unique animals such as "Koala", "Panda", "Eagle", "Fennec", "Sheep", "Jacobin pigeon", "Kangaroo", and "Dolphin".

* The new characters appear by using the game item "Rainbow Fishes".
* You can get "Rainbow Fishes" in app purchase and as a login bonus and when viewing video Ad.

"Extra Skill" can be learned

At the new facility "Training Center", skaters can learn "Extra Skill" randomly. Aim for the ideal skater!

* "Rainbow Fishes" are needed.

Detailed score viewer

You can see each score in detail such as GOE list after the performance.
Aim for GOE all +5!

Editable "Jump Sequences"

You can also select jump sequences such as "4 Toeloop to 3 Axel" in the program editor. An ingenious program can be realized.

Attractive elements

You can play with a total of 14 animals skater.

In addition to the original 6 animals, 8 animal skaters have appeared: "Fox", "Raccoon Dog", "Monkey", "Wolf", "Tiger", "Dog", "Lion" and "Cheetah".

* The new characters appear by using the game item "Rainbow Fishes".

Real scoring rule

The skaters look funny, but the game system is very realistic such as severe "Scoring Rule". This is the most different point from previous figure skating games!

* Scoring rules are based on the 2016-2017 season.
* The rule of 2018-2019 season is also selectable with the update 2.0.

Train skaters and aim for a high score

Train skaters with various lesson menus and challenge more difficult program!
The dream of becoming a quad jump master may come true.

Various abilities

A skater has the basic 5 parameters: "Jump", "Spin", "Step", "Stamina" and "Expression".
And also has 5 subparameters: "Popularity", "Intelligence", "Rhythm", "Mental" and "Luck".
Furthermore, there are mastery levels for each type of jump and over 50 skills!

A bond with coach. It's a Cheering system!

"Trust Points" represents a bond with the coach.
Cheering the skater by using "Trust Points" in a competition will double the success rate of the acting element. Cooperate with the coach and win!

Shopping by "Fishes"

"Fishes" is like money. You can earn them in the competition. If you get enough "Fishes", let's go shopping! You can buy various facilities, equipments, and accesories. They power up skaters.

Set up facilities

There are 32 types of facilities with various effects.
For example, "Pool" trains skater's stamina and "Restaurant" helps to motivate them. Bring up strong athletes in the colorful rink!

Edit your original acting program

Basically there are 3 automatic setting to easy to use: "Stable", "Normal" and "Challenge".
In addtion, you can edit freely acting program! For example, bringing a difficulty jump to the second half, making a half-loops combination after step, and so on. Let's aim for higher score with your original acting program!

Unique skating rinks

As skater's competition rank goes up, the skating rink will be upgraded!

Online competition. It's called "Animals on Ice"

Skaters can participate in a network ranking competition called "Animals on Ice" once a day.
Let's compete the score with other players for higher prizes!

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- Please note that if you uninstall this app from your device, game data cannot be restored.

- This app does not support save data transfer to another device.

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Title Figure Skating Animals 2
Release date June 7, 2017 [ORIGINAL]
March 14, 2019 [GLOBAL RELEASE]
Platforms iOS/Android
Genre Sports SLG
Price Free to Play
Credit (c) 2017-2020 MagicalRod Inc.
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